Neuro 3 Plus - Nervous System & Brain Function Peptide
Neuro 3 Plus - Nervous System & Brain Function Peptide
Neuro 3 Plus - Nervous System & Brain Function Peptide

Neuro 3 Plus - Nervous System & Brain Function Peptide

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The new peptide complex are the same Khavinson's formula peptides that you were used to, but now it is possible to have multiple different peptide complexes in one capsule. With the new peptides, one box of 20 or 60 capsules can contain up to 5 different peptide variations with the same dosage at no compromise! As of now, there are combinations of 3 and 5 peptides in one box. You can also pair these with the original Khavinson peptides to increase the dosage of a specific peptide.

"Neuro 3 Plus" is a dietary supplement manufactured in the form of capsules, containing 30 mg of active peptides.


Peptides of Neuro 3 Plus:

  • Available in 20 & 60 capsules boxes.
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Supports a healthy nervous system.
  • Promotes healthy brain function.
  • Supports memory & mental clarity.
  • Enhances mental and physical performance, helps achieve a positive mood every day.


Polypeptide complex "Neuro 3 Plus" is a natural dietary supplement that enhances the nervous system and promotes healthy brain function.
Thanks to their properties, peptides bioregulators helps to supports people who are subject to stress, mental strain or intensive mental work. Supports with maintaining concentration, enhances memory, and focus which increases physical and mental work capacity. Supports healthy adrenal function and enhances endurance under stress. 

Each capsule is composed of:

  • A-5 Cerluten Brain peptides
  • A-3 Ventfort Vessels peptides
  • A-7 Svetinorm Liver peptides

A-5 Cerluten is a dietary supplement with natural brain peptides.

The central nervous system is the primary, most important controller of the whole body. It is responsible for sending, receiving, and interpreting information from all parts of the body. It coordinates internal organ function and responds to changes in the environment. Due to adverse conditions or stress, the central nervous system may start malfunctioning, which can lead to serious disorders. This is why making sure it functions correctly is important.

A-3 Ventfort is a dietary supplement with natural aorta peptides.

With age, the blood vessels become more rigid and are affected by atherosclerosis. As a result, vessels often cannot provide sufficient blood circulation to all tissues. Nowadays, coronary artery disease (hardening of the arteries in the heart) is the leading cause of death in both men and women. Moreover, in every case, there is some lack of blood supply involved. In order to heal the disease, blood supply must be restored, which is why supporting blood vessels is important.

A-7 Svetinorm is a dietary supplement with natural liver peptides.

Our livers are essential for removing toxins, which, if not performing at their peak, can cause serious health issues. The liver is responsible for more than 500 important functions in the body. It regulates chemical levels and blood clotting, removes bacteria from the bloodstream, and cleans it from poisonous substances. The liver produces enzymes that manage the whole digestion process. Thus, quality of life depends on the health of this organ, which is often impaired due to an unbalanced, irregular diet, medication use, and infections.

Directions: 1-2 capsules 2 times a day.

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